Work in Progress, January 29, 2019

The collages were out. While looking at the white balloons, the white supporting tubes, the white cover cloth beneath and the white wall, I wrack my brain to come up with something that could be visually exciting in the presentation. I thought it is a three dimensional canvas. How do you paint a canvas like it is. The next thing I found myself doing is setting up my video projector. Yes! Play a movie over this white background. I found lots of videos about the migrants and refugees in Youtube. I experimented. The result was amazing. The video as it played it colors inflating/deflating balloons. I yet have to get permission from the media to have license to use these videos. I cannot use these videos as part of my exhibition presentations. However, here are a few images.. I think this is it. The best visual presentation of the Balloon Project so far. I am committed to this. Now the job remains for me is to produce my own videos.