Exhibition Updates August, 2019

June and July, 2019. Check out fb.me/yankongtheballoonproject. Finalized printing of 1500 brochures, 1000 postcards, 200 posters and mailing labels.

Great support from my intern assistants Aliana Ramdass, Daniel Matthews, Susan Dawe, Zuhal Pasoon and welcome Giulia Michieli who joined our team to work with me on promotion of the Balloon Project.

August, 2019. Time is running out though the video Immigrant of the 21st Century in America. is a continued work in progress. However I need to have at least 20 minutes of footage for the October Balloon Project exhibition. Currently Contacts to immigrant support groups have resulted for a few immigrant candidates for video interviews I am looking to interview immigrants who came to America since year 2000 and who are willing to share stories of their immigration experiences. I have received several commitments- from people who had come to the United States from Mexico, Guatemala, Iran, and Africa. I must step on the gas peddle and move forward quickly.

A promotional video is made and a Balloon Project support team video also finished to give credits to the my artists support team.